Oct 11, 2018

Editorial: Cavanaugh contributes well to County Board, deserves re-election

The Douglas County Board sometimes suffers from a herd-mentality mindset, with a lack of contrary opinions voiced internally. James Cavanaugh, an attorney who is seeking a second four-year term on the board, serves an important purpose by sometimes offering pushback to the group think. Read Article

Aug 2, 2018

‘Let’s get a vote’: Critics speak out against $120 million justice center plan, offer alternatives

Douglas County Board member Jim Cavanaugh’s effort to derail or at least downscale a $120 million proposal for a new juvenile justice complex in downtown Omaha attracted about 50 people to a public meeting Thursday. Read Article

Jul 29, 2018

Editorial: Douglas County needs to provide full details about justice-center proposal

The Douglas County Board has a crucial obligation to show proper respect to the public. The public, after all, elected all seven of the board’s members. The public generates the millions of dollars that fund the county budget. The public, indeed, foots the bill for the County Board members’ salaries — salaries the board majority voted in 2016 to increase by 34 percent over two years. Read Article

Jul 21, 2018

County Board member calls for scaling down of $120 million juvenile justice center, wants public vote

Douglas County Board member Jim Cavanaugh is calling for the county to scale down its plans for a $120 million complex to house attorneys’ offices, juvenile courts and youth detention. Read Article

Jul 19, 2018

Midlands Voices: Let the people decide

The Douglas County Courthouse is called “The People’s House.” For this to be true, the people must vote on the over $120 million proposal for a juvenile justice center. The proposal is a 10-story building across from the courthouse, with new courtrooms, new juvenile detention center, new attorneys’ offices and another parking garage — all paid for by an increase in property taxes. Until now, there has been a lot of talk behind closed doors. Before it’s too late, we should consider better, less costly, common-sense solutions. In public. With a vote of the people. Read Article

May 23, 2018

Douglas County Board OKs $2.75 million building buy for juvenile hall despite criticism that it would lead to tax hike

The Douglas County Board voted Tuesday to go ahead with its $2.75 million purchase of the Omaha Housing Authority’s downtown headquarters, despite board member Jim Cavanaugh’s vigorous denunciation of the purchase and its purpose. Read Article

April 20, 2018

Editorial: Cavanaugh deserves support in Douglas County Board primary

The Douglas County Board has wide-ranging powers, and it’s vital to have capable members serving on it. The board members set a large overall budget (currently $382 million) covering law enforcement, public health and tax assessment, among other responsibilities. The board members set the county government’s tax rate and make major decisions on facilities such as the county crime lab. Read Article

Mar 8, 2018

Editorial: Douglas County Board needs to be more responsible in approving tourism-promotion dollars

In Nebraska, the state has given county governments the power to distribute local funds to promote tourism. Common sense says those monies should be directed toward one purpose — to encourage tourism. Read Article

Mar 7, 2018

The Public Pulse: A great party I wasn’t invited to

In the article “Effort to halt tax funds for USS Omaha party sinks; $50,000 payment from lodging tax revenue OK’d over member’s objections” (Feb. 28 World-Herald), it seems clear there is a pretty cozy relationship between some Douglas County Board members and the well-heeled elites of Omaha. Read Article

Nov 9, 2016

Voters easily OK $45 million Douglas County bond issue; similar proposal was rejected in 2014

Voters overwhelmingly approved Douglas County’s $45 million bond issue that will pay for new emergency communications equipment and a new home for the 911 call center. Read Article